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Providing burial vaults in Farmington since 1950

When your loved ones pass away, it is a difficult time for you. Not only do you have to grieve and move on, but you also have to make proper arrangements so that they are well-protected. The high-quality Wilbert brand burial vaults from Farmington Wilbert Vault Corp. of Farmington, IL will give your loved ones the protection they deserve.

When you use wooden coffins, they degrade over time and the coffins collapse and cause the ground in the cemetery to sink and settle. This destroys your loved ones' remains and also makes the maintenance of the cemetery a much harder task. With a reinforced concrete burial vault from us, you can avoid such problems.

Why choose a burial vault from us?

We also have other services such as cremation services, septic and aeration tanks, as well as Norweco and Jet aeration services to help you. We are exclusive providers for Wilbert, Norweco, and Jet. We also provide 50 and 75-year warranties on Wilbert vaults as well as prorated warranties for Norweco and Jet products.


We're open Monday through Friday from 7.00 AM to 3.30 PM, you can call us at 309-245-2133 to book an appointment outside of business hours for friendly and helpful assistance with your vault requirements.

Range of other services to help you

Unlike a wooden coffin, a burial vault is made of reinforced concrete and protects your loved ones' remains for a long time.

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