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Providing cremation services in Farmington for 65 years

A lot of times, an unexpected death in the family leaves you vulnerable and in shock. In such cases, the last thing you need is the tension of getting the right cremation service. Let the professionals at Farmington Wilbert Vault Corp. of Farmington, IL help you arrange it so that you don't have to carry the burden alone.

When we help you arrange for a cremation, we only use high-quality urns from Wilbert. We also help you choose the burial method and the final resting place for your loved ones, such as urn burial, columbarium niche, home placement and scattering. For your convenience, we provide our cremation services through licensed funeral homes in Farmington.

End-to-end cremation services

With us, you'll get the chance to say goodbye the right way because we only use quality materials for production. Our vaults are made using concrete at 7000 psi standards. We also partner with Norweco because of their high and effluent quality.


We are exclusive providers for Wilbert, Norweco, and Jet. We also provide 50 and 75 year warranties on Wilbert vaults as well as prorated warranties for Norweco and Jet products.


Give us a call at 309-245-2133 to book an appointment today.

Quality services at affordable rates

We also provide other services such as burial vaults, septic and aeration tanks as well as Norweco and Jet aeration services.

Booking an appointment outside of business hours is now easy!

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