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Septic and aeration tanks in Farmington since 1950

One of the most important parts of a property that is often overlooked is the septic systems and aeration units. Without properly constructed septic and aeration tanks, the sewage can start leaking and cause a lot of health issues. Get the right septic and aeration tank from Farmington Wilbert Vault Corp. of Farmington, IL today.

An aeration unit pumps air into the septic tank and helps develop aerobic bacteria that clean up the fluid in the septic tank and prevents clogging. Whether you're a home owner or a contractor, you'll get the right tank for your property, including 1000 and 1500 gallon tanks, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500 gallons per day tank models and Norweco aeration tanks.

Why is an aeration unit important?

Before buying a septic or aeration tank, it is advisable to contact your local health department or contractor for proper advice. Once you do, you can get the right septic and aeration tank from us, since we're exclusive providers for Wilbert, Norweco and Jet.


We also provide 50 and 75-year warranties on Wilbert vaults as well as prorated warranties for Norweco and Jet products. Give us a call at 309-245-2133 to book an appointment.

Get the right septic and aeration unit today!

Our services and products include burial vaults, septic and aeration tanks as well as Norweco and Jet aeration services.

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